My name is Grethel Escobedo and I am an artist. I do interior Design work, but I also enjoy working with acrylic on canvas, and photography.

    From a young age I was intrigued by the work my uncle and dad did as photographers. As I got older I decided to take the camera one day and capture whatever caught my attention, and from then on, I decided to continue with it.

    Acrylic on canvas has been my medium since I was 17. I like painting with color schemes, but I also take my work one color at a time to make changes as necessary. I enjoy making abstract art that can be interpreted in different ways by the people that look at it.

     Doing work in Interior Design has shown me a new type of art form that I absolutely love. Working on floor plans and being able to design a house and having a client love it is a nice feeling because you're taking your knowledge to bring joy to someone else.

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